APRIL 2021

Well, my friends, this has been a most unusual 14 months!

The club has mostly been on hiatus; we are without a president; and your secretary and webmaster (yours truly) is out of driving commission again after a hip fracture two weeks ago. I'm home and doing fine.

Here is some better news:

Next Saturday, April 17th at the Glenview Country Club, you can come to lunch at 11 am.  A chance to meet and greet friends you have not seen since the Covid-19 shutdown, especially an opportunity for those of you who will return to the northern climes for the summer. It will be an outside patio lunch event, Each person in the club would get a $15 credit, couple $30. It will be a rsvp event. RSVP to Bob   ritanbob2@aol.com

Members only, Outdoor event, reimbursed by check from the treasurer after you have paid for your lunch.  

Y'aal Come!


MEETING  11 am MAY 8, 2021

Lake Okahumpka Park, 6085 FL-44, Wildwood, FL 34785, USA

PLEASE bring your own LUNCH

and DRINKS if you wish to eat there.

NOTE 2nd Saturday of May!!